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Who We Are

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the company

The Company

HBK was founded in 2009 by 3 school friends Christian Hutton, Chris Beckett and Ben Kershaw. All 3 are qualified bricklayers (NVQ level 3) having spent many years working for other companies gaining experience in all aspects of the building trade.

Their business has grown each year through ‘word of mouth’ and recommendation enabling them to take on bigger and more ambitious projects such as the new build house at Coombe Lane and the Link House offices in Kingswood. Each time demonstrating an eye for detail and high quality finishes.

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What We Do

HBK builds new houses, warehouses, offices across Bristol and the South West of England. With high standards and customer satisfaction always being the aim. They have a talent for opening up space with structural alterations for double height extensions for example Gotley Road.

HBK are experts in project management, bringing all the building trades together resulting in a smoothly run project. Getting your project complete on time and on budget whilst being on hand to solve problems and communicating during each stage of a job. HBK are specialists in quality stone and brickwork for example Stone Hill the new double height extension blends in with the original 100 year old house.

The Way We Work

Start with an initial site visit, your offices or for a domestic client to your home. We will discuss your ideas and help with any technical issues that need to be considered and get a approximate idea of budget for your project. (First meeting is free)

We will also need to look at what professionals are needed at this stage for example Architects.

Depending on the size of your project detailed specifications from an architect may be necessary before a detailed quotation can be provided.

Our aim is to provide a fully inclusive quotation. We don’t price a job low to win it then add on more later.
We believe in giving a fair price for a job then sticking to it.

At this point we will know the full scale of the project and how long it will take. Plus when we are available.

Once signed off, the plans, the agreed time and budget we can get the work booked in the diary and get cracking.

We may need to get local authority approval and this is something we can sort out for you.

Depending on the type and size of the project the contract will be broken down into manageable and appropriate stages. Each stage getting signed off by our client as they get completed.

new build house

Meet the team

Christian Hutton

Christian Hutton Director

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Chris Beckett

Chris Beckett Director

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Ben Kershaw

Ben Kershaw Director

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HBK starts with a design or just an idea and creates beautiful new homes, refurbishments, extensions and commercial properties.

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