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From Design & Build to Finish

All projects are carefully projected managed by us to ensure their smooth operation from one set of tasks or trades to the next.

Planning Phase

High quality building projects need high quality construction drawings and HBK are happy to use Jamie Buck of Acorn Architectural Services for drawings and planning applications.

At HBK we are pleased to use the services of structural engineer Peter Gribble. Where necessary his job is to provide the Structural Engineer’s Report that provides specialist advice on the structural integrity of all or part of a building. This is especially important in historical buildings for example houses in Clifton to provide “Engineering Certainty” for our clients ensuring peace of mind before the commencement of a building project.

For example Stone Hill is a home in Longwell Green that is over 100 years old. During the planning process for the extension we had to know full details of the property’s structure.

Most building projects will need planning permission or statutory consent and Bruce Hosie BRH Planning Consultants has an excellent track record of getting applications through in good time to start your project. This is especially important for listed buildings and properties within conservation areas.

When required HBK will have carry out work in conjunction with local authority building regulations approval. This results in periodic building control officer inspections and the supply of a final building regulations certificate upon completion. You will be supplied with copies of all certificates issued.

For example:–
Building Regulations for an extension (like Gotley Road) would cover areas such as Doors and windows, Drainage, Electrics, External walls, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Internal walls, Roofs


HBK is a member of the Local Authority Building Control.

HBK can help with your sourcing and choice of kitchen units, sanitary ware for bathrooms whether you want sleek and contemporary or traditional for a period property. We can guide you on the finishes and materials to get the look and feel that you require.

We can put in you touch with expert designers that can advise you on the best designs for soft furnishings and furniture.

Building Phase

The first of the major trades that we get on site.
Responsibilities for example for a new build house may include:–
Create entry into and clear site
Lay hard base for access, deliveries and site storage
Excavate foundation trenches
Position level pegs to indicate top of concrete
Pour and lay footings concrete
Lay foundation blockwork
Lay damp-proof membrane
Excavate all service trenches and backfill when supplies are laid
Carry out specified and agreed hard and soft landscaping and fencing
Lay driveways, pathways and patios to agreed specification

HBK are brickwork specialists and is the trade the founders, Chris, Christian and Ben all trained in. They know their sailors from their soldiers and their Sussex bond from their Flemish bond.
Experts in building the superstructure external walls in brick, reclaimed stone or any material that is in keeping with the existing property if the project is an extension or alteration.

Our carpenters get involved in flooring and later with installation of kitchens and boxing in of pipework.

Walls finished, roof structure can be installed and covered with slate or tiles

After the roof is in place windows, doors and soffits fitted to make house weathertight.

Utilities are split usually to “First fix” where Electrical and plumbing runs put in place, then internal walls and stud walls built. Then the plastering takes place followed by the “Second Fix” where the things like the electrical sockets and heating systems for example radiators can take their final position.

HBK adhere to the rules laid down by the Health and Safety Executive. Being compliant means identifying hazards and control risks and explaining how to plan, organise, control, monitor and review health and safety throughout the life of a project.

During the construction work the health and safety of clients, designers, contractors and individual workers all have to be taken into consideration.

There is always a large amount of waste that has be disposed of and this will be taken to a specialist waste and recycling centre such as Toms Rubbish Clearance .

Painting and decorating to your specification is done when all the other trades have finished.

The Way We Work

Start with an initial site visit, your offices or for a domestic client to your home. We will discuss your ideas and help with any technical issues that need to be considered and get a approximate idea of budget for your project. (First meeting is free)

We will also need to look at what professionals are needed at this stage for example Architects.

Depending on the size of your project detailed specifications from an architect may be necessary before a detailed quotation can be provided.

Our aim is to provide a fully inclusive quotation. We don’t price a job low to win it then add on more later.
We believe in giving a fair price for a job then sticking to it.

At this point we will know the full scale of the project and how long it will take. Plus when we are available.

Once signed off, the plans, the agreed time and budget we can get the work booked in the diary and get cracking.

We may need to get local authority approval and this is something we can sort out for you.

Depending on the type and size of the project the contract will be broken down into manageable and appropriate stages. Each stage getting signed off by our client as they get completed.

new build house

Bringing the details together, pride in our work, caring about the little things, that’s HBK

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